The 20th of June ’17, Blik van Boven BV was involved at a unique Pilot for the CESAR (Cabauw experimental site for atmospheric research) project. At the site a large set of instruments is operated to study the atmosphere and its interaction with the land surface. A 213 m high mast was specifically built at the Cabauw site for meteorological research to establish relations between the state of the atmospheric boundary layer (ABL), land surface conditions and the general weather situation for all seasons.

The pilot’s target was to investigate if the use of a UAS would bring more detailed data. The mast only is able to measure at fixed levels. The use of a UAS makes it possible to measure the whole track starting at 0ft up to 788ft! During the track, the UAS will hover at various levels equal to the measurements levels of the mast to ‘calibrate’ the data from the UAS.
The results were fabulous! The CESAR project received real time data from the radiosonde in a way they never received before. The pilot was a great succes!

For the Netherlands flying at 788ft with a UAS is only permitted if the operator is authorized by the CAA-NL (Civil Aviation Authority). Blik van Boven BV filled out the project under it’s license ROC 13/2016. The UAS used is the DJI M600 Pro (Redundant). Based on the risk full location, extra observers (total of 3) where available. The UAS flown to 788ft.

We would like to thank KNMI / CESAR for their trust in our company.