Growing fresh vegetables is an art – a complex process in which nature is danced with on hundreds of hectares at a time. The yield is often a matter of guesswork until the very last moment. VanBoven changes this.

Uncertainties at the beginning of the supply chain travel like a whip through the entire chain. Thus, even the smallest estimation errors in cultivation can lead to large cost burdens for purchasing organisations and retailers.

When the production of fresh produce unexpectedly increases, growers are left with a large stock of short-life products. Wastage can be prevented by working together in the chain to temporarily increase demand. VanBoven’s forecasts provide exactly the time required to make such coordination possible.

Broccoli precision measurements by the Phantom 4 Pro PPK

Forecasting at plot level

Commissioned by vanBoven, dutch aerials collects a wide range of data on a regular basis, which they use to map out the harvest at plot level. Think of drone data, weather data and planting schedules. vanBoven aggregates the results to an overview at farm level. This way a grower knows exactly how much can be harvested and sold in the coming period. By further aggregating the data, the entire supply within a product category can be made transparent in cooperation between growers and purchasing organisations.

Broccoli crop

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