Do you choose multiple suppliers within one production or do you choose for one point of contact?

Within our operating company we also have the trade name FilmDesigners. We are able to offer you a complete production from A to Z. Our team is fully focused on producing your photo or movie. Everything is under one roof: from script to end product. If you choose us, you choose to work without any burden.

Why choose us?

• Specialised teams for aerial and ground images. For cinematic, technical and inspection disciplines.
• Our drone pilots have at least an RPA-L license.
• We are a fully certified air company for the Dutch, Norwegian, Canadian and English Aviation Authority.
• We provide great alternatives if there is a zone where you can’t fly with a drone!
• Complete production from script to final assembly in-house. This save you a huge amount of time and cost!
• To be up to date with the latest laws and regulations regarding flying a drone. Our colleague is a board member of industry association DARPAS.

We film for:

Looking for drone services?

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