Dutch Aerials is closely involved with a variety of TV productions. We deliver services in the Netherlands and other countries. We have worked on television series such as ‘Nieuwe Buren’ (RTL4) or ‘I know who you are’ (NPO). We have also provided images for international productions, including National Geographic, Channel 4 and Amazon Prime. We film with various RAW cameras and different lenses. Obviously, a backup system is present on set!

Why would you choose for Dutch Aerials on your TV set?

• Very cinematic experienced crew
• Battery change within 1 minute
• Start-up time around 5 to 10 minutes
• Backup system present on the set
• FullHD viewing option for the director / production crew
• Various lenses can be used
• RAW (ProRes)

Want to see more of our TV work?

We work for: