Cinematic flying on a film set is different than flying for an inspection for instance. For that reason, Dutch Aerials have crews who are specifically trained to fly for a film production.

Would you like to create a beautiful (project) film or aerial photo? Concept, script, art-direction, direction, music and editing, we do it all. Dutch Aerials have a variety of professionals who come from the advertising, photo, film and music industry. We have the know-how to translate your DNA to something special and original.

Our specialties:

• Brainstorming (concept & strategic thinking)
• Script & Shot list
• Direction and Production
• Sound and Music
• Post-production
• 3D animation & Color (after) editing
• Delivery of various formats (HD / 4K / Broadcast / Hires)

Drone systems and more …

Dutch Aerials works with drones and fixed cameras. We have everything we need for every type of production and desired outcome. The combination of having the right equipment used by people who know their art is what generates the best results. Would you like to have an online production or a film on a large screen … we adjust our equipment accordingly.

We pride ourselves with many satisfied customers in the advertising and television. We have produced television productions such as “Living in the Schilderswijk” for RTL4, “Ruben en de Idioten” for NPO3, KitKat advertising, IKEA and the beautiful aerial images for New Neighbors season 2 and 3 on RTL4.

Why choose us?

• Specialised teams for aerial and ground images used for cinematic, technical and inspection disciplines.
• Our drone pilots have at least an RPA-L license.
• We are a fully certified air company for the Dutch, Norwegian, Canadian and English Aviation Authority.
• We provide great alternatives if there is a zone where you can’t fly with a drone!
• Complete production from script to final assembly in-house. This save you a huge amount of time and costs!
• To be up to date with the latest laws and regulations regarding flying a drone. Our colleague is a board member of industry association DARPAS.

We film for: