With photogrammetry directly from the air, our calibrated drones capture a resolution of approximately 1 cm per pixel. Working with this advanced technology enable us, in addition to this high resolution, to achieve high accuracy across all 3 axes (x, y and z).

We can achieve up to 4 mm / pix with an accuracy of 3 to 5 cm, ensuring that we wouldn’t disturb your project with our presence. This is many times more accurate than satellite images or the BGT data that is available in the Netherlands. Our technic makes it possible for you to have high quality models within a short time in the form of Orthomosaic, 3D Model, Point Cloud or a Digital Terrain Model. For every GIS application we offer the right model.

The benefits of aerial research

• Millions of measurement points
• up to 4 mm / pixel
• 3 to 5 cm accurate
• 3d Point Cloud, 2D Ortho photo, Digital Terrain Model, Digital surface model
• More accurate than BGT!
• Suitable i.c.m. ArcGIS, Autodesk Revit, QGis and many other GIS packages.

This way you will receive much more information than with a traditional method. This is ideal for volume measurement (stockpile), area control, infrastructure projects, construction projects etc.

We map for companies such as: