'from every kind of angle'

Filmdesigners is a Blik van Boven BV company registered in The Netherlands. We are a bunch of creative people who believe that film is thé way to explore yourself.

We ‘design’ film by thinking ‘out of the box’. We are not afraid to explore some new cinematic possibilities and love it when we catch just that unique moment ‘from every kind of angle‘ by one of our drone’s, to save it for ever at the digital sensor.


Blik van Boven BV
'perfection is our passion'

Blik van Boven BV, in English ‘Glance from Above’ started in the beginning of 2013. Driven by aerial cinematography our company specialized itself in the 3rd dimension. Filming out of every angle.

Now, our company became to be the parent company of Filmdesigners and the Unmanned Inspections Group. Two different specialities with each their own teams just working for one goal… You as a satisfied customer!

Just scroll down to find out more about who we are and what we can offer you or just give us a call at: +31(0)107988085.

Sophie Stellaard
CEO | Blik van Boven BV

Inspections Group
'for a safer workspace'

Our goal is to deliver the Industrial Inspections market the highest possible level of quality at the safest possible way. We believe that the use of Unmanned techniques based on 3D- and Sensor technology wil contribute a safer working space.
Working at hight, depht and environmental- or unhealthy places in an autonomous way is the safes possible way of carrying out Inspections.

Combining various companies together we are able to offer the Inspection Market new technologies, technologies which offer ultra high quality for a safer workspace. Our Partners integrate their knowledge to develop the highest possible level of innovation.

Unmanned, safer and high quality are the leading keywords for our business model.



Adress: Pulsi Balonishof 7, 2909PL Capelle aan den IJssel, The Netherlands


Adress: Ligusterbaan 1, 2908LW Capelle aan den IJssel, The Netherlands


Filmdesigners: +31 (0)107988085

Unmanned Inspections Group: +31 (0)85 7441455

mail adresses

info [at] blikvanboven.nl

info [at] filmdesigners.com

info [at] unmannedinspectionsgroup.com